Sunday, May 3, 2009

Marathi Saunskruti Sangraha is online!!

Marathi Saunskruti Sangraha or MSS, a venture of which I am proud of being a part launched its website on 1st May 2009 that is on the auspicious ocassion of Maharashtra Day. The sentiments and the reason behind the foundation of MSS and the website is what Ojus Narawane attempts to tell you through this article!

Visit the website and do give us the feedback!!

मराठी संस्कृती संग्रह
लाभले आम्हास भाग्य बोलतो आम्ही मराठी!

Namaskar Mandali :) ,

We are extremely delighted to announce the release of our website,; that’s right, we have our own home on the web now. It also gives us great pleasure to tell you that we are particularly lucky to have Maharashtra Day as the auspicious day of our site release :).

After going through the Vision and Mission, you must have recognized the reason we are pushing for more and more text being written in English script, but of course in Marathi Language. This site chiefly aims to promote other Marathi Sites, which beautifully capture the essence of the rich and varied Marathi culture.

I felt there was a need to have something that provides a snapshot, as well as a doorway to the Marathi Culture online, especially for people like me … an average Marathi youth disconnected in many ways from Marathi Culture, yet proud of being Marathi, based on whatever knowledge I have about Marathi culture :). I felt that a website, especially something like File hippo, a directory that would point to all interesting sites grouped into various categories would serve the purpose.

So, thus began my discussion regarding the site, with Harshad, who is an expert when it comes to knowledge about Marathi culture. Having grown up in the Culture capital of Maharashtra, Harshad is, especially very well acquainted with anything that is related to Marathi Food, Theatre and Music ;). Ok, after brainstorming for a few weeks we had a few plans in mind now, but then who was going to put them up online in a proficient way, so that people actually felt like visiting the site again and again ;). The answer obviously was, Amey. Amey is an expert when it comes to web designing and related technologies. The entire site’s beauty is attributed to none other than him.

So thus began the journey of MSS…

After facing few restrictions in terms of creativity at the wiki dot site, we decided to buy our very own domain, and sounded so perfect and beautiful ;). And thus began the process of collecting interesting Marathi sites and grouping them in their relevant categories. We also have a forum which serves as a platform for members to discuss anything regarding Marathi culture. Just recently, Pranjal has joined the MSS team. We now have a professional blogger and experienced trekker with us to give a boost to MSS .

You can consider this site as hobby work done by four youngsters who are passionate about Marathi culture. We feel there needs to be greater representation of budding Marathi Culture talent and entrepreneurship on the World Wide Web as well as the real world. This idea was basically born after facing certain situations in the very capital of Maharashtra. To be precise, we usually have had situations where we have gone to the extent of organising weekend food trips to cities like Pune, cause there is a severe non availability of Marathi Food when it comes to places like Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. This is perhaps because Maharashtrians are not that enterprising or business minded as compared to other communities of India :). Which is why it’s sometimes sad to see an extremely rich and varied culture not receiving the appreciation and visibility it deserves. Through this site, we wish to promote Marathi Culture in our very own small way and also appeal to people to be a little more enterprising when it comes to publicising and promoting a product, an item ,a foodstuff or a bit of Marathi culture, however small or tiny it maybe. Just like Vada pav, Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav, Veg Kolhapuri are popular, wouldn’t it be nice to see Sabudanyachi Khichadi, Thalipeeth, PuranPoli, Varan Bhat, Piyush or Basundi or even Faral items listed in a regular restaurant menu along with the regular North Indian and South Indian cuisine? There are many small specialities which are linked to specific regions of Maharashtra like Konkan, Varad, Marathwada and their availability is limited to that region only. Kai Majja yete when naatevaikankade gelyavar kadhi Kokanatali fish curry khayala milate, kiva Varadaat ani Kolhapurat jaun masta tikhat jevan and thecha milato. It would be even nicer to see ashya chotya mothya goshti commercialised and documented on the World Wide Web before the knowledge base is lost in the coming years. The best way to start this is, I feel, through the medium of the internet, which is the first choice of seeking information for the present generation … I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to see a greater representation of Marathi Culture in a Bollywood Film, when it’s possible to have every alternative song in Bollywood, in Punjabi :) ; or isn’t it high time we have a entry about Music Directors like Ajay Atul featured in Wikipedia? By stating this example in a blog entry, we are basically trying to explain our feelings behind having such a site online. In fact there are many aspects to this, which can be discussed here, not restricted to Food, Movies and Music alone. We don’t mean to show disrespect for any culture or demean anyone; we have tremendous respect for cultures of all other states and regions and also for their peopleJ. It’s only that, we are simply fans of Maharashtra, its Culture and its simple and loving people, just the way you are, and are very happy to be involved with a project that will promote ‘Aapala Marathmola Culture’ in our own special way :).

We encourage well wishers to support the site if they like what we are doing. Our aim is not content creation, but to simply promote the already existing or newer content on the web and put it forward to the world, in the form of a Sangraha. Great efforts have been taken by the members of The MSS Team to gather information about sites which can be listed, but I am sure you too have a lot more suggestions regarding interesting sites which can be added in the Sangraha. So, do get your sites, personal WebPages, Picasa albums and blogs and help us promote you in our own small way. We have even made a forum for you to have discussions with likeminded individuals in your area of interestJ. Your comments and suggestions and praises and even curses are most valuable and will only help us improve. Do report dead links, incorrect classifications or any other mistakes from our side. We will try to rectify the errors as soon as possible. Finally, we would like the Sangraha to grow and take the shape of something like a Google or Yahoo online web directory…

Hope you have a wonderful experience throughout your time spent at :).

Ojus Narawane
Team MSS


  1. While I appreciate your sincere desire to take all things Marathi to a broader level, I think there is an urgent need to first package it for a global (or even national) appeal. For when that happens, they will sell like hot puran polis! Just like aaplya Dixitanchi Madhuri:-)

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