Saturday, December 6, 2008

Of Indian Politicians and Condoms… ;)

(Something on the lighter side that will have you seeing 'double'!)

One fine afternoon (i.e. today afternoon!) I was just surfing the net when a thought flashed through my mind and I started making an unusual but quite interesting comparison between Indian politicians and…guess what? Condoms!
True…however absurd that it may sound if you think (and look at both of them too) you may find some interesting similarities and,well, differences!
Let’s see then….
If you see condoms come for a price and so do politicians! If you want a condom to work for you you have to pay the buy it! The same thing stands true for a politician! You have to buy him so that he can work for you!
Both condoms and politicians are servants of the people but nobody understands that!(Think on this statement and comment! Because your thoughts will help me understand this statement! ;)) A faulty and corrupt politician spreads the deadly decay virus which kills off the immune system of the nation and weakens it. I guess I do not have to tell the experienced people what happens if a ‘faulty and corrupt’ condom is used in certain cases!
A condom is non-living thing.It does not feel ‘things’. Neither does a fat ass politician feel the pain of his people!
Politicians work collectively in benumbing their people and making them aloof so that they can enjoy the power of the power! Likewise,’Two’ many condoms, they say (How’d I know?) ,succeed in deadening the sensation of their ‘people’. :)

But if you see, you have to pay a nominal price for one condom and it works for you! But there’s no fixed price for the services of a politician. So you see condoms provide reliable service!

Condoms come in different ’shapes and sizes’ and offer service not only to the user but also ‘long-lasting pleasure’ to the ‘opposition’. Have you ever heard of an Indian politician who has ever given pleasure to the opposite party?

Oh yeah! The main point is that Condoms provide protection to the people that use them! But what about politicians? Do they protect their people? NO! Instead these dudes themselves demand protection (and leave their people for the dead!)
So you decide who are better! I think condoms would rule India better than these blood-sucking, money-eating, hatred-spreading, dividing and ruling politicians!


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  1. dude maybe the condom can run the nation and the politician can hang at the end of ure thing while ure doing ure woman :P :D

  2. i think the comparison made is absolutely perfect..........
    the writer should get award for all dys statement

  3. @veryanoshistic

    Dude i think you are aboslutely rite..but then thats what the politicians have been doin rite? doin us for the past 61 yrs! :))

    i completely agree with u! the author is a genius ;)

  4. i will certainly prefer a CONDOM" to a bastard politician!!

    well, nice comparision!...wonderful observation!!

  5. thing...if the failure rate of condoms were as high as politicians..mann..the maternity wards and abortion centres would sell like hot cakes...

  6. er.. ya, good thought. though the difference bet the c and the p are more logical. the one 'slimey-slippery' similiraty cant be forgotten.